Dan, aged 40. Lost 10kgs

I have been totally blown away by the results of following Lynda’s nutrition plan which she adapted to my likes and dislikes. Not only have I lost the fat I wanted to lose without stepping foot in a gym, but I have also got more energy and I feel much healthier overall. I am eating more food than I did before I started with Lynda but I now have the body I want! One of the great things about seeing Lynda is the knowledge she imparts along the way. I now feel more empowered to be able to make the right choices in regards to my food to ensure that I keep my new physique.

Dan's 10kg weight loss

Dan's 10kg weight loss

Anna has lost 16kgs and had 4 children

I’ve seen Lynda on and off for ten years now.  I started seeing Lynda when I first came to Auckland at 25 as I had been overweight since I arrived back from my big London OE and was highly motivated to change but couldn’t work out where to start. 

The main reasons I was overweight were 1) oversized portions of food and 2) alcohol.  Lynda helped me to understand what portion sizes I should be eating and to plan ahead so that I was prepared for nights out (I remember the importance of having healthy snacks in my handbag for when I went out and had a few drinks so that I didn’t eat lots of fried food!).  What immediately made me click with Lynda was because she took into account I was a young, single, sociable person and tailored an eating plan around my lifestyle at the time. 

I was 80kg and I lost 16kg to reach my goal weight of 64kg over the period of a year.  I got married and travelled to London for a second OE with my husband, and while over there maintained my goal weight (I did email Lynda while away for a reminder of her sage advice!).

Fast forward ten years and three pregnancies, and through checking in with Lynda during pregnancies I am back to 64kg.  It’s amazing what happens when you stick at something!

Again Lynda adjusted my eating plan to suit my lifestyle, which has been working around pregnancy and breastfeeding for the last five years.  The key for me is planning ahead and making sure I measure out food, instead of grabbing whatever is handiest while I’m on the run (I keep my eating plan in the pantry so I can refer to it easily).   I especially need to be organised since having children to make sure my nutrition is sorted.  Not only that, but there’s a flow on effect to the kids who actually eat vegetables!

Lynda’s always encouraged being active as well, and at one point I needed her help for a food plan when training for the Auckland half marathon and the Round Taupo Cycle Challenge simultaneously.

Lynda is passionate about what she does and walks the talk.  She’s inspiring and I always leave a session with Lynda feeling positive and uplifted (even if I had gained weight).  I highly recommend Lynda and am really glad I’ve had her to educate and support me throughout the last ten years.

Anna's 16kg weight loss

Anna's 16kg weight loss

Gemma lost 10kgs before her wedding

I came to see you for 6 months in 2013 as you helped me lose 10kg before my wedding. I've been meaning to get in touch for a long time to say an enormous THANK YOU for helping me to lose weight when I was in despair that it would never happen. I just couldn't work out where I was going wrong and you've helped to re-educate me! Thanks for enabling me to feel so beautiful on the day!

Gemma's 10kg weight loss

Gemma's 10kg weight loss

Marnie lost 20kgs in 12 months

So my little boy Mackay arrived 3 weeks ago weighing in at 3.6kgs. Gorgeous little man. My final weight was 71.5kgs so managed to gain only 15.5 kgs – 10kgs less than with my other two babies. I have just got on the scales and am already down 10.5 kgs to 61kgs and only 5kgs off my pre-baby weight! Have been following the meal plans you provided religiously – only allowed myself one day of ‘treats’ after having him. I have so much energy and have made a speedier recovery than my previous two c-sections and I am certain it’s from good nutrition. Will be in touch when I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Can’t wait to start excising in 3 weeks time!

Follow up - October 2014

I promised I would keep in touch and let you know when I got down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have kept all the weight off and more, as when I returned from our wedding in Fiji I felt I needed another fitness goal so I signed up to the quarter marathon. I have never been a runner until 6 weeks ago. Now I am running 10kms easily and even more weight is falling off me! I am now down to 51kgs (a total of 20kgs lost in 12 months) and I am still using all of the healthy food meal plans you set out for me.

Although I am a bit tired at times (the strains of keeping up with a 5, 3, and 1 year old and fitting in 10km runs and trips to the gym 4 times a week and starting a full time contract at an ad agency until Christmas!!), I have kept to the principles of healthy balanced nutrition that you taught me.   I am really happy with my body now and I was even happier when I went clothes shopping for the first time in a long time and the size 6 fitted perfectly :)  Thank you!

Marnie's 20kg weight loss transformation

Marnie's 20kg weight loss transformation

Monique, aged 39. Lost 5kgs

I have always been fit and healthy, but as I approached 40 I found extra kilos creeping on that I couldn’t get rid of. I had unsightly tummy rolls so always had to wear baggy tops, and I had so much cellulite I would never show my thighs. I believed that because I was getting older it was just something I had to accept. But then I met Lynda who taught me to make a few adjustments to the food I ate, to eat more often and drink more water, and the fat just melted away over 6 weeks.  Lynda gave me a lifestyle plan, not a diet so it is has been really easy to follow and keep the weight off.  Now I am happy wearing a bikini and running around on the beach with the kids.

Monique lost 5kgs

Monique lost 5kgs

Linda (online client)

"Many thanks , I feel this is life changing for me and I am very happy with my progress and the way I am feeling.  Thanks for your help, my fridge currently looks amazing..."

Linda, an online client from Dunedin, signed up for my 6 week slimdown challenge and at the end of the 6 weeks she had lost 4.1 kilos of weight, 3.5 inches off her waist and 2 inches off her hips. Equally exciting is the fact that she is off her medication now and with the aid of a suggested supplement, she is also sleeping much better.


I weighed myself this morning with no clothes on and I am 59.4kgs. I couldn’t believe it, so I have lost another 1 kg since I saw you last,  I am so pleased it just gives me the determination to  make the right food choices - especially while I am on holiday, I go on Friday I am very excited. Thanks for your help, I’ll see you when I get back.

Katie's energy levels have skyrocketed

I came to Lynda after a friend recommended her. I was constantly tired and felt even worse snacking on sugary food in an effort to get more energy and could not shift the last of my post pregnancy weight despite exercising well.

I work part time from home and have three small children. Lynda gave me excellent advice, teaching me about which foods would give me energy and the right quantities, taking into account my personal tastes.

I love Lynda’s caring, down to earth approach. I felt I was eating a lot more than usual and my energy levels have skyrocketed while the weight has slipped off. I feel like it’s been a real lifestyle change and I’m able to better nourish my children using the knowledge Lynda has given me. I can’t thank her enough.

Karen (online client)

I think you have given me a great base and I am eating much healthier and much more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. Losing those 7 kilos has made such a difference.

Thanks for all your help Lynda. I have to say with your help I’ve really changed my life. I feel so much healthier, sexier and more confident than ever. I didn’t think I would ever lose my “baby” fat. My husband is also down 7 kilos!

Fran has exceeded her weight loss goal

Hi there, my name is Fran and I was recently fortunate enough to win Sally and Lynda’s 6 week fitness coaching and nutrition competition. I have now completed my challenge and would just like to say that I feel it has been the making of me.

Before I started the challenge I was feeling fat and frumpy and my self-esteem was at an all-time low, but I’m now feeling on top of the world! I have exceeded my goal for weight loss and become far more fit and healthy than I would have ever imagined in such a short space of time.

Sally and Lynda have been absolutely marvelous in their encouragement and motivation of me and I would like to thank them both for giving me the opportunity to improve my outlook on life and become a happier and more confident person. I would also like to thank Kezia for her support and motivation as well, because without her I would never have made it to the top of the hill.

I’ve also met some lovely ladies that I’ve been working out with and have enjoyed the many laughs along the way (mostly at my own expense lol). I’m pleased to say that I will be continuing on for as long as possible.

Well here I am
6 weeks along
I feel so great
It can’t be wrong

I’ve huffed and puffed
And eaten light
I’ve jumped and run
And put up a fight

I’ve come so far
And along the way
I’ve reached the top
Now I’m here to stay

So if you feel
That you can’t go on
Then follow my lead
Let’s bring it on!

Sharon, a Type 1 Diabetic for 26 years, has lost fat and is feeling great.

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 26 years and I have been seeing a dietician for the same amount of time to help me to regulate my food with medication. I have always been weight conscious and have struggled with food. I would rather starve myself than put on weight. The dietician suggested I should see a Psychiatrist to help with my eating problems because I was eating so little.

After juggling with this problem for many years I have decided that it is time to start eating properly as I am noticing the effects that starving myself is having on my body and skin. My friend told me about Lynda and how she helps people with all kinds of eating issues and that she would be able to help me to eat healthy, without putting on weight.

After a couple of meetings with Lynda, not only I am now eating more in a day than I ever used to, but I have also lost fat! I can’t believe how much more I eat and how much better I feel for it. My skin has improved and I feel so much better, thanks to Lynda’s help.”

Linda lost 10kgs in 5 months.

For several years I suffered through severe indigestion no matter what I consumed, which I was managing with constant indigestion medication and antacids after every meal.

About 6 months ago it’d got to the point where I knew I had to find out what was causing this problem and to at least seek a more viable solution than constantly popping meds. I was also gaining weight and my GP was unable to offer any insight other than the meds prescribed and the fact I was in my 50s and should expect to gain weight, so I decided to go along to a nutritionist.

In April I met with Lynda for the first time and in five months with her guidance, I have not only managed to eliminate the indigestion, but I’ve also managed to lose 10kg’s in the process! By eliminating some foods from the diet I’ve discovered the digestion issues were being aggravated by an obvious gluten intolerance so I’m now able to better manage what I eat and with a regular exercise regime, I’m feeling better than ever. My energy levels have increased and best of all I get to replenish the wardrobe with smaller sized outfits!

Caroline lost 3kgs

Hey folks I just wanted to post a little testimonial to Lynda’s wonderfulness.

I was exercising and getting nowhere fast until I met Lynda. I thought I was eating pretty well but obviously not as well as I thought and Lynda put me on the right track. I love the food and I get my sweet tooth satisfied with a daily hit of chocolate, plus it’s easy!

It’s not a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle change.

Thus far I’ve lost three kilos and I’m feeling happier, healthier and more positive. I’ve also knocked back my wine consumption (and I don’t really miss it – I’m sticking to quality now as opposed to quantity!). If you’re even thinking about wanting to lose weight, just get in touch with Lynda.

Lynda’s help and advice is well worth the visit. When she takes your measurements and you see how much you have improved, you’ll walk out feeling ten foot tall and bullet proof.

Anna B

Hi Lynda… Just wanted to thank you for teaching me and my friends such great food habits for life. Saw one of my friends/your clients today… and wow she is looking good, your knowledge has transformed her body so nicely. She is looking and feeling amazing! My husband is doing well also, and has stopped smoking too! Yay finally!! So thank you so, so, so much.

Carolyn lost 20kgs with Lynda's support

I’ve been seeing Lynda on and off for around 8 years now. When I first went to see her I was feeling fat, frumpy and very unhappy with myself. I was so annoyed that I had let myself pack on close to 20 kilos over the previous 15 years.

It wasn’t that I was stupid or lazy, but I just hadn’t made time for myself and I’d put everyone else’s needs before mine, with the result that I simply hadn’t looked after myself.

I watched as a couple of workmates who were seeing Lynda began to shrink before my eyes. They always seemed to be eating, yet the weight was dropping off them. I began to wonder if I could do it too and asked for Lynda’s details.

At first I was a bit negative and probably a bit prickly too, because I felt so bad about myself, but Lynda’s friendly and genuinely caring manner soon turned me around and I started really looking forward to my appointments.

I dropped 10 kilos really quickly. I was so determined and fired up that I stuck to my plan like glue. I started getting nice comments and my self esteem improved immensely.

Then I hit the wall. My marriage broke up and once again my self esteem and self worth plummeted. I stopped taking care of myself and didn’t care what I ate. Guess what? Those 10 kilos found me again.

It took a while to pluck up the courage, but eventually I rang Lynda and we had a chat, after which I felt really motivated to get back on track again. I saw Lynda weekly for the first 6 weeks, to ensure I stayed motivated and met targets. My goal was to lose 3 kilos a month and I did! I can’t tell you how good it felt to lose those 20 kilos of fat!

My whole life changed for the better. I changed my job, met a new man (now my husband) and together we took up mountain biking, something I never would have considered in the past.

I still see Lynda every couple of months because I don’t ever want to go back to the dark place I was in.
I’m so grateful for Lynda’s continuing support and advice and can highly recommend her services.


Just wanted to let you know that today is such a good day. I got on the scale and I have finally broken
the 70kg barrier I am 69.5 kg today – which I last weighed 16 years ago! I love my scale today! Thank you!

As you know I have battled to move my last 5 kg’s for months now but thanks to your eating plan it’s come off in a matter of weeks. I still hope to hit 69kg at our 20 December appointment and to keep it off over Xmas!.

Jeff also came down to under 120kg today which is a big achievement for him and again, not a number he has seen in a long while! Thank you for all your help and I hope that you have a wonderful Xmas.


I thought I’d just drop you a note to say hi. Today is the anniversary of my weight loss journey and I’m looking back at the last year with amazement. Losing weight has given me a whole new outlook on life. I made it onto a hockey team this year, have increased my Crossfit sessions to 3 times a week, started studying towards a diploma in photography, am coping better at work and feel so much more positive about life.

This weekend on Mother’s Day Olivia gave me a little book she’d made at school that included adjectives about me. She included “athlete” – a word I don’t think I ever would have picked for myself but made me feel so proud that my daughter sees me that way.

I want to say thank-you for your role in this journey. For keeping me on the straight and narrow and keeping me motivated. For giving me encouragement and advice each week to help me succeed. Thank-you!

Pamela lost 15kgs over 6 months

I probably didn’t realise how overweight I was until a friend sent me a photo of us both, taken 20 years ago with the note ‘What happened to us!’ ’20 years and 20 kilos!’ I replied.

The weight had quietly crept on and I didn’t really notice it until it got to a point where it began to feel too hard to do anything about it.

Another friend had been seeing Lynda and suggested I visit her. Lynda has managed my programme wonderfully; I’ve lost 15 kilos of fat over about six months.

I’m very grateful. Her kind and supportive manner has made this task easy. A couple more kilos and I’ll be fitting into my wedding dress!

Lianne, aged 50, lost 16kgs.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me how hard it is to lose weight once you hit 40 I’d be able to retire! With Lynda’s guidance and motivation losing nearly 16kgs in my 49th and 50th year hasn’t been difficult at all!

I went to Lynda to lose weight that had crept on over a few years. I was delighted to discover she too is a ‘foodie’ and really understands the challenges of working full time, cooking for a family and having a social life. I found her food plans easy to follow and interesting enough that I didn’t get bored and feel like ‘straying’.

I dropped around 14 kilos of fat and was delighted to be back in shape and fitter than I had been in a while.

I continued to see Lynda fortnightly to keep me on track and to pick her brains for how to handle challenges like taking 90 kids on school camp and what on earth I could eat, or what I could eat in between games at a hockey tournament. She has an answer for every challenge!

Every fortnight Lynda has either found something new on the supermarket shelf or has another little pearl of wisdom that keeps me on track and motivated! Her knowledge of food and supplements is vast, and if she doesn’t know, she finds out! How she finds the time to do the research she does is beyond me!

However my sense of satisfaction was short lived! Not long after I reached my goal I was diagnosed with a painful chronic inflammatory form of arthritis and was unable to exercise. Disaster for me – my gym sessions and hockey umpiring are my form of stress relief and in my head maintaining the fat loss would be impossible without the exercise! I emailed Lynda in despair! By the time my next appointment came around Lynda had researched my arthritis and presented me with a raft of foods to avoid, to help my condition! She re-jigged my food plan, bolstered my confidence and sent me off back on track and confident I could continue to stay lean without the hard out cardio I had been doing.

With my arthritis under control and having got back to the gym and hockey turf, I decided to lose another couple of kilos and get extra lean and to have some ‘glamour shots’ taken for my 50th birthday. Lynda was so supportive and provided the extra boost and encouragement I needed to reach my new goal. I am delighted with my new shape and am enjoying being so lean! It is certainly easier on my old arthritic joints – and it provided the perfect excuse to go shopping ,as nothing fitted!

I continue to go to Lynda fortnightly because I’m the sort of person who needs to be accountable. In order for me to stay as mobile as I am, and as fit as I am I have learnt over the past couple of years I need to stay lean and eat ‘clean’. I cannot thank Lynda enough for providing me with the tools to reach and maintain my goal!!

Amelia met her weight loss goal in 8 weeks

As a busy mother of two active children, finding time for myself was always going to be a challenge! I was tired of having no energy and keen to make a change in my diet and exercise patterns – so I went to see Lynda, who was recommended to me by a friend. My main goals were to get more energy, lose a few kilos and change my diet and introduce a regular exercise plan.

After my initial consultation with Lynda I was determined to make it work. One thing I found hard was making the time to put together a salad for lunch and have the regular 5-6 meals per day. Working out when I could fit exercise into already busy days was also a little tricky. Initially I started out with the required 4 times a week with my cardio exercise, but this soon increased to 5-6 days per week and I found I was keen to do it, which surprised me.

Regular fortnightly visits with Lynda helped to keep me on the right track. This also gave me the opportunity to make changes to any meals I was finding boring or repetitive. Changing the way I prepared the food also kept it interesting. Within the first fortnight I was seeing results. By the time I had reached the 6-8 week mark I had met my goal and was feeling great. It was just a matter of changing the way I thought about food and exercise and getting the balance right between them. It was worth putting in the hard work. Thanks Lynda.

Cherie lost 17.8kgs in 14 weeks

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the support and assistance you are giving me with my weight loss. Thus far 17.8 kilos in 14 weeks!

I am excited and empowered and so grateful to you for guiding me in the right direction. You are educating me like I’ve never been taught before!

I enjoy our chats and appreciate all your top tips for good healthy living and food options. Looking forward to the next weigh in and chat on Thursday!

Lisa - 14 weeks and 10kg’s lighter

Lynda came with a great recommendation, and after a fabulous, indulgent Christmas I bit the bullet and made an appointment to see her.

I felt very relaxed and at ease with Lynda at my initial consultation. Lynda set a realistic fortnightly weight loss goal and worked out a food plan to suit my lifestyle. After just a few short weeks I felt more energetic and less focused on food.

I have shopped up a storm and am buying figure hugging clothes instead of the safer baggy option. I have gone from a tight size 12 to a loose size 10.

My journey is not over, it is a long term commitment, but it is do-able! Thank you Lynda for your guidance and motivation

Tina reached her pre-pregnancy weight after her second baby.

After having my second baby I wanted to be healthy for my children and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight so I started seeing Lynda who worked out a nutrition plan for me. It was much easier than I thought. Because I was breastfeeding I could consume a lot more calories and I felt like I was eating all the time, I was never hungry!

After only a few days on my new eating plan I couldn’t believe how good I felt and how much energy I suddenly had to play with the kids, even on the hot summer days! Results were fast and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Thank you Lynda!

Shalome lost 20kgs in 9 months.

Seeing Lynda and dropping 20 kilos changed my life

I was wearing size 18-20 clothes without even realizing it until I saw a staff photo and noticed I was the biggest person there. I could not believe I was that fat! I was stressing, knowing that in one year I would be turning 30 and by then I would be obese. I needed an action plan. I joined a gym and began some very light exercise, as I never was a fan of sweating. I knew I needed some support and when I saw Lynda’s card in the gym I thought why not? I had tried other ways to lose weight, like group support programmes, but did not enjoy them.

After 9 months, and with Lynda’s guidance, I am very happy to say that I have now lost 20kg! I am wearing size 12 trousers and even bought a dress for the first time in at least 10 years! I used to avoid simple activities such as walking; now I am running half marathons and have even taken up kick boxing which I love. I now enjoy exercise and with eating correctly for my body and my lifestyle, I now have the energy and motivation to do it.

Losing weight has changed my outlook on life and increased my confidence. I have resigned from my job and am looking at studying nutrition next year.

Having Lynda to support me and cheer me on definitely encouraged me and kept me motivated along the way.

The best part is not having to buy clothes just because they fit, but being able to buy clothes I actually like. People’s reactions are great too! My family is proud of my accomplishments which make me feel successful. I now feel confident turning 30! I am energetic, excited, healthy and most of all, happy!

Tiff (Australian Online Client)

Got on the scales this morning with a heavy heart and guess what!!!! WE have done it – I was 80kg! Now I just need to maintain that weight or go lower, which i am determined to do, but now I want another baby!!. I am sitting here in Jeans I bought in NZ before I left for my brother’s wedding and they were v tight then and now there is a huge gap round the waist and they are very loose around my legs and butt.

I am walking around the house with a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much for everything Lynda, you have really helped me achieve a lifelong dream of being slim and I was feeling a bit down yesterday that I would never get to 80kg.

Mae Jordan, winner of the 8 week weight loss challenge.


Oh, no, another year older!

We can’t stop the ageing process, but we can stop GETTING OLD!!

A little while ago, I signed up for Fitness Fix’s EIGHT WEEK CHALLENGE, after noticing how good a friend was looking and sounding having decided to do the Challenge with Sally and Lynda. Being a strictly non gym person, the one-on-one attention, flexible half hour sessions, cosy, non threatening exercise area combined with a simple, personalized eating plan with no gimmicks was not difficult at all. My target for the challenge was to lose weight, get fitter and FEEL younger and by my birthday, approximately eight weeks away.

I went to Sally’s twice a week and worked on a regimen she’d devised for me along with being weighed and measured and visited Lynda once a week to review how the diet was going and also be weighed. Lynda’s help was fantastic with all the new products available on the market I wasn’t aware of, there is now so much to help cut calories while still enjoying interesting, tasty meals and snacks. It easily becomes the choice for a permanent lifestyle change which can also fit in easily when cooking for a family.

The regimen with Sally and Lynda was really enjoyable and, apart from starting to notice things a bit looser than they’d been, the scales were showing a steady decline AND people I didn’t really know very well were commenting on how much better I was looking!! The stress and strains of the last couple of years in business had certainly taken a toll and I was appalled to see a photo of me last Christmas, looking awful AND OLD!!

Doing the EIGHT WEEK CHALLENGE certainly helped me look and feel better and I would not hesitate to recommend it to ladies who usually hate gyms and have tried every diet known to man. Not only does it work, it quickly becomes the way to a fitter, healthier and age defying lifestyle.

Angela P

Honestly, the whole weight loss thing was – dare I say – easy. I eat way more than I ever did. I’ve achieved my goal weight, and Lynda has now given me a maintenance programme.

Chris R has lost over 10kgs.

I’m just dropping you this email to let me know how completely amazing you’ve been, I couldn’t have lost l0kgs+ without you! ! I feel much better about life, I’m fitter and happier, and it’s all thanks to you!! (sometimes I wondered if you actually know everything?!!) I saw some friends yesterday that I hadn’t seen since I finished school last year and they couldn’t get over how much weight I had lost!

Clare T has improved digestive health.

I have had tremendous success gaining control of my weight and with Lynda’s extensive knowledge, my digestive health is better than I ever thought possible.

Donna has improved blood pressure.

One of the excellent, but unexpected, side effects (that I am assuming has to do with my weight loss), is that my blood pressure has fallen. In fact when I recently visited the doctor, my blood pressure was recorded at 120/70. You can’t get much better than that.

Jackie J

“I really looked forward to my weekly visits with Lynda and have since recommended her to several friends who have attended and who have also benefited from her expertise.”

Kate B

I think of Lynda very much as my Food Coach rather than a diet clinic consultant. She’s right there with you every step of the way in her direct and encouraging way. At the end of the day it’s all up to you but it certainly makes it that much easier having someone there with you.”

Lael Read has lost 13kgs in 5 months.

“I really want to write this for all the people out there that are overweight and never thought it was possible or thought it would be too hard to lose the weight they have been holding on to. And also for Lynda, she has been an amazing support for me and I really love going to see her every 2 or 3 weeks for our chats, weigh in’s and measurements. I wouldn’t be here without her.

I hope my words can help you get to where I am. It’s truly life changing, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I started this journey on February 22nd 2011 and weighed 96.5kgs. I have just turned 29 and am 166cm tall (or short J). Today is the 2nd August and I have just come from my appointment with Lynda, to date I have lost 13kgs and a lot of cm’s from my bust, hips and waist.

I was in Jacquie-E on Saturday where I like to get skirts for work and normally I would have to squeeze in to a size 16 or buy XL’s. This time the 14s were too big and I am now a size 12. Not a bad effort for 5 months.

It takes a bit to get started and to get into the habit but once you are there it feels easy to keep it up. I still treat myself. If I didn’t I think it would be much harder to stick to. What is life without treats? If I had pizza for dinner for example, I would make sure all my other meals for that day were on track, so it’s a balance. The results are all about how much effort you make and what you put in your mouth, and the comments you get from people make it all so very worth it, you hold your head higher and walk taller.

I still have around another 8kgs to lose till I am at my goal and I know I can get there. Thanks again Lynda”

Jodi has lost 10.5kgs

I began my journey with Lynda back in January this year.  My goal was to lose between 10 and 15 kilos.  I can proudly say that through my hard work and determination, and the support of Lynda and my wonderful family, I have now lost 10.5 kilos.  I have done this by eating normal food, which fitted in with my family, and also exercising.

I hate diets and always have felt hungry in the past, but Lynda provided ‘real food’ options that suited my budget of feeding a family of 5.  Even the kids eat more veggies now!

I feel fantastic and I often say to people that I feel like I have found my “spunk” again!  It was not just about the food, it was about me making a conscious decision to change my habits.  I have always been active, but I soon discovered that if I did more than just be active, I would get better results, faster.  So I got off my backside and decided to start running again.  I run with my mate on the weekends, but during the weekdays I struggle for time as I work fulltime and am a wife, a mother of two boys and the proud owner of a bouncy black Labrador.  All of which keep me very busy.

I needed to find more hours in the day to do my running.  I now take my gear and run in my lunch hour – it is fantastic, it is great exercise, plus it is great for my mental health.  I get out in the fresh air and leave work, computers and all that goes with it behind for 30 minutes.  I come back feeling fresh and energised for the afternoon.

It is easy to find lots of excuses not to eat well or not to exercise, but for me it was about finding every excuse I could to get out and exercise and make better food choices!

I have a few more kilos to go to get to my goal and with the continued support of Lynda and my wonderful family I know I will get there.

Cecile has much healthier habits.

Cheers Lynda! Thanks for your no BS approach and really guiding me / us to some much healthier habits. I am grateful that the ‘results’ are so recognizable in such a short time relative to how long I had not been ‘doing the right thing by myself’.

The results prove how amazing the body is at ‘self correcting and self healing’ once you give it a proper chance. It’s really remarkable and naturally inspiring to experience. It makes me appreciate life more and the dynamic flow that can be restored once we apply ourselves to better principles. It also makes me realise, quite graphically, how I do not want to go back to where I was, mentally, emotionally or physically around food / eating habits. It’s all very empowering – so thank you so much!

It feels really good to have some success, especially because life has been pretty challenging over the last 9-10 months or so! With gratitude!

Bronwyn has lost 18kgs and gained her life back

When my Doctor recommended doubling my blood pressure medication it was time to take my weight issues seriously.   I didn’t just want a diet, I have been there done that before without any real results.  I needed to find a long term solution that fitted in with my life and my family.

Finding what was right for me was the key and with Lynda that is exactly what I got.    The one on one approach with an eating plan designed just for me around normal everyday food.

Fitting exercise into my life was probably my biggest challenge and I came up with a million excuses why I couldn’t exercise, but as the weight has come off this has been easier and I now look forward to walking each day.

Most of the time it has been smooth sailing but there were moments when I lost focus and my inner voice told me ‘you knew you couldn’t do this, may as well give up now’.  This is the point where in the past I would have called it quits and without Lynda I would have.  It was her belief in me and constant encouragement that made me pick up the water bottle, put on the shoes and get on with it!

To date I have lost 18kg and I have gained my life back.   No longer does fear of failure stop me from enjoying life.   I’m not locked away on a ‘diet’ and can head out for dinner and coffee safe in the knowledge that I know how to make good choices and still have fun!

I have a few kilos left to lose but take half the blood pressure meds I used to and my Doctor has said I can stop them completely next month.   This was my ultimate goal. Taking this journey with Lynda has changed my life in so many ways.

Mary lost 6kgs.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement to me in shifting the last 6 kilos off my body.  I have so enjoyed eating the correct food and shopping for different varieties of “healthy” food to make my meals tasty and interesting, as well as nutritious.

Your advice regarding exercise, water intake and general education re various food types has been invaluable to me and I have learnt heaps along the way. Thank you so much.”

Rechelle & Lee. Rechelle lost 10kgs for their wedding.

I am writing this letter to recommend Lynda Smith as a Nutritionist

My husband and I have always lived quite healthy and active lives, both playing at very high levels in our respective sports before wear and tear and the dreaded thirties and illnesses put a stop to that.

We keep fit, watch our diets and stay active and in no way have become couch potatoes.  However with our impending wedding and my husband’s injuries, we decided to use the knowledge of a nutritionist to control our illnesses and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

We had always read health magazines and sought information about food and nutrition, but prior to meeting Lynda we didn’t realise how much misinformation and contradiction was out there.

Our first impression of Lynda was one that has remained constant from day one.  Lynda is passionate about her work and helping others, and is realistic about what is achievable and what isn’t.  She is a great motivator and was even able to motivate us when we had a “bad week”.

Lynda has passed on a great deal of professional knowledge which has consequently given us a positive outlook towards our overall health and lifestyle and we ultimately we feel better within ourselves.

I lost 10 Kilos for my wedding day, I have more energy than I thought possible and I sleep better.  We are still eating the same way Lynda taught us and are still feeling the benefits a year later.

Lynda is constantly researching and passes on any information that relates to our health conditions so that we can continue to control these problems.

Colleagues and friends saw the results of Lynda’s magic with us and were constantly asking me for advice about food and nutrition.  I would just smile and give them Lynda’s contact details and tell them to contact her.

I am proud to have used Lynda’s advice and recommend her 100% to any one who is serious about getting expert nutritional advice and living life to the full.

Do you want Lynda to help you with your weight management goals?