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To achieve good health and maintain a healthy level of body fat requires paying attention to several factors. It’s not just what you eat, but how you live. These articles are for your information, to help educate you about nutrition issues that can impact on your health and well-being, as well as fat loss.


Top 10 Tips for Fat Loss

Want to lose weight? Read Lynda's top 10 tips to help you here.


Living the Low Carb, High (Healthy) Fat Lifestyle


Food Diary

Download our Food Diary and keep track of what you’re eating. Analysing your food diary is a fantastic way to highlight where you may be going wrong. If you don’t know where you are going wrong, then you can’t change it!


BMI Calculator

BMI means Body Mass Index, and it provides a measure of the proportion of body fat to total body weight. It is an important tool used by health professionals and others in weight management. Here is a BMI calculator from Sovereign Insurance to learn your own BMI.


Fibrous Vegetables

Select a good variety of colours from this list of fibrous vegetables

If you are on the Low carb diet focus on above the ground veggies as they are lower in starch than below the ground veggies. See the list of low carb vegetables here.


Healthy Lunch Ideas

A healthy balanced lunch consists of a portion of lean protein, half a plate of salad or fibrous veggies and a carbohydrate and/or good fat choice, plus a low calorie dressing, hummus or sauce, or a small amount of oil as a dressing. Read more here

Under 15 Minute Meal Ideas

Do you need a super quick, healthy meal when you have limited time. Click here for some suggestions.


7 Minute Home Workout

No time to exercise? No excuses with this quick workout you can do at home.


Nutrition Tips

Follow these tips to keep motivated and on top of your weight loss goals.


Entertaining Platter Ideas

Here's some great healthy options to serve your guests or if you need to take a savoury platter, sweet platter or a Low Carb, High Fat platter to a party.