Healthy Habits Check List

 Eat simply and watch portion sizes.

 Eat real, clean food which comes as nature presented. (i.e. not in packets, boxes or processed and pre-prepared)

 Minimise eating foods with additives and preservatives.

 Be aware of environmental toxins, fumes, sprays, plastics, etc, including what you put on your skin.

 Reduce stress – find time to do something you enjoy (stretch, massage, walk, read, spend time with a friend).

 Associate with positive people to adopt a positive attitude.

 Drink green tea. (Steep the teabag for 5 minutes).

 Aim to eat 8 servings of fibrous, low carbohydrate vegetables every day (one serving is ½ cup). Two cups at lunch and another 2 cups at dinner.

 Drink fresh water frequently throughout the day. A rough guide to calculate how much you need is to multiply your weight by 0.034. Start the day with a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon.

 Exercise regularly. Frequency is more important than distance, so it is better to exercise for 30 minutes most days than to go for a 10 kilometre run once a week.

 Eat clean lean protein with most meals and snacks. It doesn’t have to be animal based, think nuts and natural nut butters, seeds, etc.

 Try oats and oat bran for breakfast. They have cholesterol lowering fibre in them.

 Include legumes in your weekly meal plan.

 Aim to have one or two meat free days per week. (Eggs are very versatile).

 Moderate your intake of starchy vegetables.

 Moderate fruit intake as fruit is high in simple sugar. It is good for you, but choose lower sugar options like apples and berries and eat less of sweeter fruit like melons.

 Include some good fats in your diet every day, things like avocado, fresh virgin oils, nuts and seeds, natural nut butter, etc.

 Put alcohol back in the occasional category, rather than the everyday category.

 Moderate caffeine intake, don’t use it to ‘get you through the day’, find a better way to do that.

 Find ways to deal with stress other than by using food and alcohol.

 Aim to eat more of your food earlier in the day, rather than eating little during the day and having a huge meal at night. Be kind to your digestive system!

 Don’t overeat! Serve less than what you think you need.


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