Watch out for the Easter Bunny

It seems no time at all since we were looking forward to Christmas and all of a sudden Easter is upon us.  The supermarket aisles are crammed with chocolate goodies of all shapes and sizes, in what seems to be to be a totally over the top range of temptation. Do we really need so much choice?

From the mini Lindt bunnies at around 50 calories each to the whopper Waikato 3.5kg bunny (containing no less than 70 recommended servings!) at 18,900 calories per bunny. 

We have hot Cross buns without fruit, hot cross buns with fruit, hot cross buns with Nutella, hot cross buns with chocolate……..groan, it really throws a whole lot of temptation in the way of us.  So, how can you survive the next week without packing on half a kilo, or more?

Here are a few survival strategies to consider.

  • If you don’t need to have these tempting treats in the house – don’t!
  • If there is going to be temptation in the house (in the way of other people’s treats), then ask them to keep them in their room/cupboard/anywhere out of your line of sight.
  • If you’d really like to have a couple of hot x buns over the weekend, then have two for breakfast on ONE of the mornings, instead of your regular breakfast.  Much better than having two as well as your breakfast or lunch!
  • If chocolate is your thing and you want an Easter treat, then buy a small, quality bunny or egg. Quality over quantity.

Here is some information regarding the approximate calories in Easter goodies.

  • Small/medium hot x bun (like Rosedale brand)  162 calories
  • Baker’s Delight hot x bun 230 calories
  • Large other brand hot x bun 270 calories
  • 2 teaspoons of butter 70 calories
  • 1 Tablespoon butter 144 calories
  • 50g chocolate bunny 265 calories
  • 100g chocolate bunny 550 calories
  • 200g chocolate bunny 1085 calories

(and no, when you bite the bunny’s ears, the calories do NOT run out and make him a low calorie item!!)

How easy would it be to consume 2 buns, 4 teaspoons of butter + a 200g Easter egg or bunny over Easter and all of a sudden that is an additional 1685 calories.  A day’s food or more.

So think carefully and decide whether it is worth it to blow your healthy eating plan with a blowout over Easter. Chocolate and fruit buns are available all year round.  Don’t forget to exercise too, a 30 minute brisk walk will burn off a tablespoon of butter………now that truly is a scary thought!

Posted on March 30, 2015 .