Are you addicted to carbs?


Carbohydrate addiction, is it even a real thing?

In my 16 years plus of working with clients, specialising in fat loss, I am convinced that it is ‘a thing’.

Whether it is bread, lollies, biscuits, crackers, chocolate, potato chips, etc, I would say that most overweight people tend to use these types of food items for comfort, for pleasure, as a cure for boredom or loneliness and for other emotional occasions. I haven’t yet met a client who, when going through a tough time, craved eating a chicken leg or a piece of broccoli!

Why do we crave carbs? Why do they make us feel (usually temporarily only) happier?

I highly recommend you read this article "The pernicious satisfaction of eating carbohydrates". It is a personal account from someone who managed to stop smoking and then had an epiphany about his carb cravings. I’ve read it a couple of times and it really rings true. It is worth reading to the end. Emotional eating and cravings are generally about satisfaction, not hunger.


Exercise over Winter - don't be a bear!

That’s right, there’s no need to hibernate just because the days are shorter and colder, there are still exercise options available, it just comes down to whether or not it is a priority for you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Walk with a friend or workmate if you aren’t keen on going out on your own. Perhaps you could make up a little lunchtime team to pound the pavements before eating your lunch. A 20-30-minute brisk walk certainly counts. Perhaps organise some longer weekend walks, rug up the kids and they can ride their bikes. Auckland has plenty of great walks and bike paths.

  • Challenge yourself and friends by using a step counter, like Fitbit or similar. It is fun and very motivating.

  • Hire a piece of equipment like a stationary bike, a treadmill or cross trainer and install it in a room with a TV or iPad nearby.

  • Join a gym and try out some group fitness classes to get your heart pumping and meet new people. Or if you are more of a solo performer, hit the weights and shape your body and strengthen your muscles and bones. Weight training also helps reduce the dangerous (visceral) fat around the organs.

  • Hire a bike and zoom around Auckland’s waterfront or the Hobsonville Point walkway. Both places have bike hire available.

  • Search YouTube for videos of body weight or aerobic routines that you can do in your own home.

See, winter doesn’t mean giving up on regular exercise if you don’t want to. Exercise helps boost your immune system, as does eating lots of veggies, both fresh and frozen.

Recipes to try

It’s always good to try something new, but which doesn’t take long to prepare and cook. I’m all for simple, tasty meals and at this time of year I like to pop a roasting dish of low carb veggies in the oven to provide leftovers for a few days. You can roast almost any veggie, from garlic and onions, to leeks, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, as well as the usuals of carrot, parsnip, pumpkin, potato and kumara.

  • Cream of mushroom soup. Use cream for a high fat recipe, or switch to milk for a lower carb version

  • Roasted pumpkin soup

  • Harissa chicken, so easy using a bottle of Barker’s Harissa sauce. Low in sugar with a mild flavour.

  • Spaghetti squash. I made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it makes a lot. It has a mild pumpkin like flavour. It is low carb, so pretty much a ‘free’ veggie.

  • I still enjoy making crustless chicken pizzas. So tasty and leftovers are great for lunch. The photo shows one large chicken breast beaten out, it served two.

Reminder: I will be away from 15 June until 1 August.

If you would like to catch up for a check in before I head off, email me now so we can set up an appointment.

I will be receiving emails while I’m away and making bookings, but I won’t have access to texts. I will also be posting plenty of photos of our travels on my work Facebook page if you would like to stalk me and see how many ice creams and treats I find. You might still remember the 4.5kg block of Toblerone I spied in Switzerland last year. No, I didn’t buy it, but it was fun checking out the walls of amazing chocolate in the European supermarkets.

Keep well and I’ll see you in August.


Posted on June 3, 2019 .