Gained weight over Christmas? Deal with it now.


Losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle top the charts of New Year’s resolutions each year, but only about 10% of people manage to make lasting changes and achieve the results they hoped for. Why is that?

First off you need to have a compelling reason to want a different result. Just saying I need to lose weight is too loose a statement.

Consider these questions:

  1. Why do you want to lose weight?

  2. How would your quality of life change if you did achieve your goal?

  3. How would it affect your self esteem and relationship with others?

  4. What are the consequences, emotionally and physically, if you don’t take action?

Once you have nutted answers to the above out, you will find it easier to get in the right headspace.

The changes don’t have to be big. Some people work best with making a few small changes and working on keeping those and then adding in more. Other people however say ‘tell me what to do and I’ll do it’ and just get stuck in.

Habits and strategies work better than willpower

Willpower waxes and wanes, sometimes you can say No to that packet of biscuits in the cupboard, but at other times they are history. A better strategy would be to not have them in the house. If family members want to have them around, ask them to store them out of your sight. The saying “I can resist anything but temptation” is very true.

Another thing to be aware of is that a lot of people hugely misjudge their calorie intake and in studies I have seen, it appears that the more overweight someone is, the more likely they are to underestimate just how much they are eating, in some cases by over 45%. Obviously that it going to make a huge difference.

Keep an accurate diary or use a food recording app if you think you should be losing weight, but you aren’t. You’d be amazed at how quickly the little bits and pieces add up.

The risk is that if you don’t deal with weight gained over the Xmas period, you will still be wearing it next Xmas and so the cycle continues. Deal with it now, before it becomes a permanent fixture.


As well as getting your nutrition into shape, it’s a good time to think about getting your exercise habits tuned up. It’s a shame that so many women feel daunted by exercise. You don't need to join a gym or do anything too hard out which makes you feel uncomfortable. You might like to do some short walks with a friend or group of friends, just to get you started. Exercise is good for you physically, socially and emotionally and has been proven to help raise mood and prevent some health conditions.

The reality is that losing weight by forming healthy eating and exercise habits may prevent you from contracting various cancers, dementia, diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses that obesity increases the risk of developing. It’s not just about how you look, it’s about letting you live your life the way you really want to.

If you’d like help with your goals, please get in touch.

Posted on January 8, 2019 .