Accountability, does it work for you?


Nearly every new client who comes to see me tells me that they need accountability. Yes, most have a reasonable idea of what they should and shouldn’t eat, but if there is no one to report into it can be difficult to keep the momentum going.
One of the most common things clients told me, on their first visit back after my extended holiday this winter, is that without accountability they found themselves slipping back into old habits and thinking “I’ll start next week”, but next week didn’t come. That’s fine, just get back into it now. Slow, steady progress is absolutely fine, but if it is too slow you will most likely lose interest. If that sounds like you, then let’s get together and get you back on track again.
Winter is a tough time to focus on weight loss and healthy eating. With the shorter, colder, darker days it seems a really long time until we need to peel off the baggy clothes and reveal the bulgy bits we have been camouflaging. Also on cold days, salads don’t have a lot of appeal whilst hot stodge does. We are inside for longer periods too and who doesn’t graze more when they are stuck inside and bored? Food = entertainment.
It takes commitment and perseverance to go the distance. Who wouldn’t love a magic pill or potion to help them lose weight without putting any effort in and without any consequence to their health? But it doesn’t work that way. With spring coming up the magazines will be full of celebrity weight loss diets and various products promising fast weight loss, but as always, if they don’t teach you what to eat, why and how much, then what chance is there of keeping any lost weight off.

It requires a change in mindset and lifestyle and it needs to be long term.


Do we need to snack?

Everyone is different and different things work for different people, but it is a good idea to consider whether you really do need to eat between breakfast and lunch, or would you be satisfied just having a hot drink? If you eat breakfast very early, or do a heavy exercise session early morning, then you may be genuinely hungry, but to be honest I think that morning tea has just become a habit. People take a break, others are eating, there’s a shout in the lunchroom, you know how it is, is that habit or hunger? Next time, before you reach for a morning snack, think about whether you are hungry, bored, or just on autopilot.
To burn your own fat, your glucose stores need to be low. All carbohydrates break down to glucose. All fruit and veggies are carbs, thus if you are eating a diet high in veggies with some fruit too, you are already obtaining carbohydrates from these sources and you need to be aware that drip feeding lots of simple carbohydrates throughout the day may slow down your fat loss. That is why I suggest if you are going to have snacks, they be low in carbohydrate, so that you can stay in fat burning mode.
I know that some people think I have moved to recommending all clients go low carb, high fat with their nutrition.  That isn’t so at all. In fact, only a small proportion of my clients eat LCHF and it is always their choice, but, if your goal is fat loss, you do need to understand the how’s and why’s of fat loss. Unless you are an athlete who is training many hours per week and using a lot of glucose for fuel, you probably need to modify your carbohydrate intake.

You don’t need to eat lots of fat, but it is a good idea to include some great fats like olive oil, olives, nuts, seeds, fatty fish and avocado in your diet. But, because fat is high in energy, quantity does count.

Want to commit to a fixed term programme?

At this time of year I have a lot of new clients enquiring about my 6 week slimdown programme. The idea of committing to a definite period appeals.

If you are a current client, but would like to commit to a series of appointments, I am happy to make up a package for you. You won’t need the full hour for the initial appointment and I can tailor the package to suit your needs. Just drop me an email.

Testimonial from Pip

Pip is over 60 and far from the common belief that fat loss is more difficult as we age, she has lost 19 kilos, dropped two dress sizes and gained the confidence to apply for a new job. In fact, she found out just before she left on holiday a couple of weeks ago that she got the job she wanted! You can read her story here, scroll down to the second testimonial.


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Posted on September 3, 2018 .