Aimee's nutritional journey

I really can't thank you enough for the nutritional journey you've taken me on since we met. At 25, I was at the peak of bulimia, was over-exercising up to 12 times a week, and had a restrictive diet dictated by the binge, punish, reward, binge and repeat cycle. I ate no sugar, fat, carbohydrates, dairy, and only consumed the bare minimum protein (often egg whites, but not yolk). I was size 6, 10.1% body-fat, had been ammenoreic for 2 years, and was constantly exhausted and cold(!) Although I eventually addressed all the psychological stuff in counselling and physically healed, I didn't think I'd ever get to a place where food didn't stress me out. I had such a 'hate relationship' with it... not even 'love/hate', just hate!

At 35, I've never enjoyed food more, but found it consuming my thoughts less. I love my body for what it is and does, despite having once said (at 55kg's) that, "I'd have to kill myself if I ever go over 60kg again." I'm now 70kg, healthy, and stoked!  I don't stress when I'm hungry, as there is no exhausting thought-process that goes into the decision over what to eat. No calorie-counting, and no calculating how much exercise I'll have to do to "burn it off" after I've digested it. I have such a 'normal' diet these days, and know how to put together healthy meals and snacks in about 5 mins, from the prep I do after each weekly shopping trip.

This is why I sing your praises to every PT client and friend who says they want to make a healthy change! And I love seeing the same positive effect in their lives too.  So... thank you, thank you, Lynda.

Aimee,  Personal Trainer.



Posted on March 8, 2018 .