Mia has lost 10kgs


When I moved to New Zealand from California in April 2017, I was the unhealthiest I'd ever been and was ready to commit to making a change, for good. I have loved fitness and group exercise classes for years so I never felt like I struggled with getting to class and working hard in the gym, but I struggled constantly with finding a nutrition plan that worked for me. I'd lose weight, gain weight, not know which foods were causing the loss or gain and just keep going around in circles only to end up back at the same starting point: loving the gym but not knowing what to eat to fuel the kind of performance and aesthetic results I was looking for. After joining a gym here and dabbling in meal prep, I decided to seek out a nutritionist to really understand what my body needs. 

I found Lynda through lots of awesome reviews and I am so thankful I did! Understanding what kind of meal plan worked for me and particularly what to cut out and what was perfectly okay to keep in my diet gave me the consistency I needed to stay committed. I never felt hungry on my plan and I was eating foods that I enjoyed. I now have a formula for food that I know works for me, measuring my food, ensuring I'm getting the right amount of protein/carbs/fat, and eating at the right times. Following Lynda's plan made it easy and I am finally confident in my food choices.

Something I feel like I've gained especially is confidence in knowing that I won't fall back into old patterns. I've formed new habits and now know what kind of food will have certain effects on me and my goals. Even when I've not made a perfect food choice, I am aware of it and adjust accordingly before it gets out of hand, that is the true change. Knowledge is power when it comes to nutrition! 

I've lost 10kgs so far and am still on my journey.

I'm moving home to California and taking my newfound, long-term relationship with food with me! I'm currently training to become a group fitness instructor, a dream I've had for years but was never fuelling my workouts correctly to get strong enough to feel like I was ready.

Thank you for everything Lynda, you have changed my life and my relationship with food for the long term!


Posted on February 7, 2018 .