Julie in her mid 40s lost 8kg

I would like to highly recommend Lynda and her approach to healthy & balanced eating.

When I went to Lynda I was just your typical Mum in her mid 40s. I was carrying about an extra 5-6 kg and, like a lot of women in their mid 40s, I was wondering if I was going to have to accept this extra weight as my new reality. I am an active Mum who exercises a lot, so it was frustrating to feel like I couldn’t be the weight I wanted to be. Lynda was amazing. I have never felt on a diet. Instead, Lynda taught me how to eat right for my age and body type. Together, we came up with a plan which still let me eat the foods I enjoy. I could even have chocolate and wine weekly!

This was a way of eating that I knew I could sustain beyond the weight loss. I managed to lose a total of 8kg following Lynda’s guidance. This weight loss far exceeded my expectations and left me feeling amazing.

I am very grateful that I went and saw Lynda for nutritional advice.

Posted on January 24, 2018 .