What do you want & what are you prepared to do to get it?


You need to ask yourself that question and be honest with your answer. Why have you come to see me? What is it you are unhappy with and what are you prepared to change in your lifestyle in order to get the result you want.

Weight Loss?
If your goal is weight loss, are you prepared to make some changes, or are you just trying one more thing in the pursuit of the magic fairy dust that will somehow transform your body without your having to put in any work?

More energy?
If your goal is to have more energy, to keep better health and to feel brighter and more positive, then it won’t happen without effort from you. Everyone knows the saying that if you keep doing what you are doing, you are going to get the same result.

We all want effortless. We all want easy. 
But, like anything worth having in life, changing your mind and body won’t happen unless you make it happen. At the first detour / blowout the easy option is to decide you can’t do it and revert back to old habits. If you do that every time you have a blip, then of course you are going nowhere fast. Who hasn’t started some kind of ‘diet’ with a hiss and a roar, only to fall back into old habits within a few weeks.

It’s not about willpower, it is about resilience.
Successful people are resilient, they don’t let a slip up mean they can’t do it and that they are a failure. They just weather the ups and downs of the process, move along and make a good choice for the next meal. Organisation and planning really are the keys to success. The busier you are, the more organised you need to be. 

Change of Season Eating

With (hopefully) warmer, sunnier days on the way and daylight saving starting in less than three weeks’ time, it will be so much easier to eat salads and simple meals. One of my favourites is simply salmon with pesto

Good quality food doesn’t need a lot of embellishment, keep it simple and you won’t resent having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Remember to focus on ‘real food’; that is food that comes pretty much as nature gave it to us, not in boxes and packets. The majority of your food shopping should go in the fridge, not the cupboard, fresh veggies, dairy items, proteins (eggs, cheese, meat, chicken and fish).

Is eating healthy expensive?

I sometimes get feedback from clients that eating healthy is expensive and without going into a long dissertation on how it doesn’t have to be, I can’t help but mention what I see in shopping trollies. Yes, I do often peer (subtly I hope) into other people’s trollies in the supermarket. I get really dismayed at the amount of absolute rubbish I see in many trollies. So often I look in the trolley and think ‘what is there to make a meal with’? So many items are of no nutritional value at all and while they may be less expensive than ‘real food’, if you are spending $100 on rubbish, that isn’t cheap.


15 weeks until Christmas

If you are still looking for the fairy dust, time is passing rapidly and you might need to look at lifestyle changes instead. Book an appointment with me now and let’s make the most of those 15 weeks.

Posted on September 5, 2017 .