I've lost 15.7kg living the Low Carb, High Fat lifestyle


I’ve been seeing Lynda and had been following a low fat diet, however it didn’t really work for me, I’d be fine for a short while, and then I’d have a bad day and it seemed easier to keep going down the naughty route! Then Lynda started to talk about Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), I was definitely skeptical and resisted for quite some time, the idea of eating fat to lose weight was very odd, but then I started reading about it, and following a Facebook group that is set up around the whole way of eating. I talked to people who I knew were doing it and finally at the end of March I decided to give it a go.  I agreed with Lynda that I’d try it for 3 months and if it wasn’t working for me by then we could review my options.

I decided that if I was going to do LCHF properly then I should get blood tests done first, after all, it might end up working on the outside, but what was the point if it didn’t work inside as well.    My HBA1C was a very poor 45 (it should be under 41), this was it, I had to do something.

I started out with the plan Lynda had done for me, it contained real food and yummy things like cheese, sour cream and bacon. I won’t deny the first week was tough, but Lynda kept in contact with me through the week and when she realised I was really, really hungry, she asked to see my food diary so far and she quickly came back and told me my fat was too low. I upped that, and I’ve never looked back.

It is now 20 weeks later, I’m 15.7kg lighter, with 10kg of that being pure fat, I’ve lost 16cm from my bust, 13cm from my waist and 14cm from my hips, so on the outside I feel great, and I’m probably only half way through my journey!  But it was the inside that worried me the most, well that has improved immensely too – my HBA1C has reduced to a very healthy 34, my liver function has improved and the doctor has said I’ve no longer got hypertension – I’ve gone past the 3 month trial, and I’m not stopping. 

I’ve never felt better.

As for this diet, well it really isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life.  I don’t feel constrained like I have in the past.  I have 3 filling meals a day, and the occasional snack if I’m hungry.  Throughout it all Lynda has been incredibly supportive, contacting me in-between appointments to check how I’m going.  If you are considering becoming a healthier version of yourself, I’d highly recommend seeing Lynda to start you off down the path.

Thanks, Ady



Posted on August 13, 2017 .