Procrastination never got anyone lean and fit

Lots of people gain weight over the holiday period when increased food variety and the social environment contributes to overeating. People also tend to eat more at weekends and of late we have had the usual holidays, plus in Auckland anyway, two long weekends in a row. Not exactly conducive to restraint around food!

If you got a bit complacent about healthy eating over the holiday period, now is the time to do something about it. Procrastinating about ‘getting started’ will not knock off the unwanted kilos.

It’s too easy to say that you will start

  • next Monday
  • when the kids go back to school
  • when the weather comes right
  • when your social life calms down
  • when, when, when……….and time rolls on


When will you make your health a priority?

Too many people say they don’t have time to exercise, or do a regular food shop, or to prepare healthy meals. By saying “I don’t have time” what you are really saying is, it is not a priority. It is not important enough that I will make time to do it.

What is more important than eating well, exercising and take care of yourself, which in turn takes care of your physical and emotional health? What are you putting before taking care of yourself?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming – let’s face it, what is quicker – making an omelette for dinner or getting in the car, driving to a takeaway, waiting for the meal and then driving home again? I’m happy to help with suggestions for simple meals.


As you know, what we put in mouth not only determines how positive (or negative) we feel, how much energy we have and so much more, but it also has a strong bearing on our future health. We should strive to be fit, strong and healthy, because when you are, the world is yours. Don’t let your lifestyle affect your health, so that you are unable to participate in life the way you would like to. It is never too late to start and small changes add up.


Give yourself a goal to change one thing in your diet or lifestyle
this week and see how you go.

Some suggestions are:

  • Eat half a plate of low carb veggies with your lunch and your dinner
  • Drink more water, or tea
  • Drink less alcohol, less often
  • Get outside and walk at the weekend
  • Mind your portion size
  • Start a food diary and be aware of what you really are eating


If you would like help to get motivated with your healthy eating, please get in touch.


Posted on February 6, 2017 .