Addressing Weight Re-Gain

Re-gaining weight previously lost is something that most people are familiar with. You put the effort in, lose the weight, feel great and then you take your eye off the ball and the weight slides back on again.

Is it inevitable? No it isn’t, but if it does happen then the key is to address the issue straight away. Don’t let one or two kilos become four or five kilos. It’s all too easy to relax routines and slide back into old, unhelpful, habits, and before you know it your clothes are snug again.

Having just come back after a couple of weeks of holiday I can vouch for the challenges of not letting go too much when there are gelato bars everywhere and different kinds of chocolate to try! I gave myself a goal of hitting at least 17,000 steps per day and managed to average 20,000, but it takes an awful lot of exercise to keep up with bigger portions and treats, so today I’m back into eating right to lose the kilo that attached itself to me while I was away.

What steps can you take if you have regained weight?

  • Be aware of what goes in your mouth. Keep a food diary. When you keep an accurate food diary you can see where the extras are creeping in. But it only works if you record every morsel - liquid food (juice, alcohol, café coffees, etc) included. 
  • Portion control is so important and most of my weight loss clients tell me they know they are eating too much. Often it is too much of the right thing, but calories do count, so measure your portions accurately, don’t guess.
  • Plan your meals and snacks and shop accordingly. Don’t keep food in the house that you know will be a challenge to resist.  Do keep well stocked up with the right kind of food.
  • Don’t graze. Eat your planned meals and snacks and don’t nibble on bits and pieces in between those meals and snacks. Don’t miss meals/snacks and then think it won’t matter if you eat cheese and crackers while you are making dinner. The grazing more than likely over compensates for the snack you missed. Be aware of picking after dinner. Keep to your planned snack and stop there.
  • Liquid calories count. You can either eat or drink your calories, choose wisely.
  • Lastly, it may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate and put exercise off until spring. Find something you like, whether it be group fitness classes, walking with a friend, jumping around to a YouTube video or perhaps a yoga class. Stay active. Maybe try a few of these exercises at home.


If you want to take action to lose regained weight, now is the perfect time to make a start.
Contact me and let’s get cracking. Summer bodies are most definitely made in winter.



Posted on August 2, 2016 .