Alton has lost 36kgs in 10 months

Here is his story...

Hi Lynda, thanks for your help and assistance with my weight loss, and continual support throughout. You have provided me with the tools and resources (through a sensible diet, regular exercise and lifestyle changes) to achieve my weight loss goals, from the initial consultation, setting of goals, and food diary, through to the regular appointments and follow up visits.
I remember in the beginning when we set the goals, I thought 'what have I set myself up for, how can this be achievable?'  There was such a gap between where I was weight-wise to where I would like to be.  As I started to change my diet and add in a bit of exercise, I realised how much I had let my health slip over the last 10 – 15 years, a complete lack of exercise, bad diet, consisting of too much junk food and takeaways and far too many beers had resulted in a comfortable lifestyle that had seen me end up at the heaviest I had ever been, (112.6 Kg), at the initial visit.
Initially I thought that I would be hungry with the diet due to the reduced portion size of the meat from what I had become used to. I was surprised how totally wrong I was.  I was amazed at how filling the combination of the vegetables, meat, and rice were. I think in the first couple of weeks, I had eaten more vegetables than I had in the previous 10 years combined!
Once I got into the diet, I realised that it was pretty easy to prepare my meals, probably easier than going down the road to buy lunch and takeaways. I figured out that if I spend half an hour or so every 3 days, I could pre-prepare my meals, and then just steam the vegetables in the microwave using a Sistema Vegetable steamer, Five minutes in the microwave and dinner is ready. 

As I started to eat healthier, I had a lot more energy and felt more lively, I was able to concentrate more and I was a lot more positive about things.  This motivated me to do a bit more exercise.

At each of the weigh in appointments and follow up consultations, the scales were in my favour, I had managed to lose weight. The diet that Lynda had prepared for me, combined with the exercise, was working and I was slowly achieving results. This gave me motivation to continue with the regime.  Lynda provided positive feedback and information, as well as helpful tips and advice to change and vary the diet to keep it interesting.  The weekly meal off was a good incentive to keep on track with the diet. I was surprised how much I didn’t miss eating takeaways or junk food
It has been a challenging 10 months, lots of hard work and commitment, but such a small price to pay for reversing 15 years’ worth of poor lifestyle.  It has been worth it, I have finally got there, down to my goal weight of 76 Kg, a weight that I had not been since my late teens / early twenties.  At nearly forty, I am feeling better and looking better than I have in decades.
Now that I have achieved this weight loss, it is a matter of maintaining the healthy lifestyle and new weight, which I believe I will be able to do.  Without Lynda’s assistance I don’t think that I would have been able to achieve these results.  Once again, thanks Lynda for all your help and support

Posted on February 15, 2016 .