Help – How can I get through the next few weeks without popping my buttons?


I’m sure that is on a lot of people’s minds right now. With all the extras around, from the tempting supermarket displays, Christmas parties, treats at workplaces and nonstop advertising of delicious looking goodies, how can you get through the next few weeks without having to loosen your belt or jeans button?


Here are some tips:

  • Learn to say No. You are the only one in charge of what goes in your mouth. It is always your choice, so don’t feel obligated to eat or drink something because someone else wants you to. That is Rule Number One.
  •  Eat before you leave home so you aren’t desperate for food when you get to the drinks and nibbles situation. Once you get started on the nibbles...well, enough said!
  • If you are going to have something, choose something that is truly worth having and have a small portion of it.
  • Don’t sit near the table if there are ‘nibbles’ lurking there.
  • Keep in mind that two glasses of wine are a meal, calorie-wise. Liquid food is all too easy to consume.
  • Make time to exercise. Figure out where you can fit 30 minutes in and do it.
  • Planning and organisation go a long way. Make time to do a big veggie shop and keep simple proteins on hand so that you can throw together a quick meal, rather than resorting to takeaways.
  • Make time to nourish your mind and body with good food and regular exercise and it will help you get through the busy time coming up.
  • Ask now not to be given food gifts for Christmas. Don’t leave it to the last minute to tell family and friends that you really don’t want boxes of chocolates for Christmas. Re-gift if you do get landed with items you don’t want to be tempted by. Maybe leave them at a rest home or the Salvation Army, or similar.
  • Be wary of nuts! I noticed in the supermarket mailer yesterday that they were advertising 750g bags of various nuts. Any idea how many calories those bags contain? Around 4500, that’s how many. While a small portion (20g-30g) is good for you, a large bag is asking for trouble.



If your best intentions don’t go to plan over Christmas and New Year, don’t feel bad, let’s get together as soon as possible from 7 January and make a fresh start. Remember there is always a New Year amnesty!
All the best to you all for a fun, happy and safe Christmas and New Year and I’ll look forward to catching up with you in 2017.



Posted on December 5, 2016 .