It's time to get back on the wagon again

For most of us the Christmas holiday is over and it’s back to work again. Back to work can actually be a good thing when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating because it means getting back into a routine again.

I find that holidays inspire a kind of ‘oh whatever’ mentality and it’s easy to let rip and decide to sort it all out later. Well, later is now and it’s time to get back into good habits, before too much damage occurs. It’s much easier to face losing a few kilos than it is to keep putting it off and then have to lose a whole lot more further down the track.

Don’t even think of going down the desperate detox/magic potion/magic supplement route in the hope of fast fat loss. Fast money and water loss yes, but fast, sustainable fat loss, no. Your body is quite capable of de-toxing itself and it does it every day. Drinking plenty of water is essential for this natural process so keep up with your water intake.


Tips to getting back on track

The first thing to do is to get rid of any treats or tempting food that may still be hanging around, not via your mouth. Then load up your fridge with fresh veggies, some fruit and lean protein. Keep it simple.

We BBQ all year around, it is quick, healthy and it keeps cooking smells out of the house. You can cook meat, chicken fish and vegetables on the BBQ. All you need then is a salad to finish off the meal.

Remember to make your salads interesting, not just a few iceberg lettuce leaves, tomato and cucumber. That quickly feels like a diet. Experiment with different leaves, different colours and different textures. Red onions, rocket, crisp celery, baby spinach, feta cheese, beetroot, these all add a bit of interest to your salad.

Remember to keep all your seeds and nuts in the freezer (or fridge). They will go soft and rancid if they are warm, exposed to oxygen or to light for too long, so the freezer is the perfect place for them. You can use them straight from the freezer. This also applies to LSA, ground linseed, etc.

It’s difficult I know, but apply restraint when it comes to all the lovely stone fruit that is in season now. Two fruit servings a day, if your goal is fat loss, is really all you need. Perhaps slice an apricot or plum on your cereal (or cook an apricot in your porridge, that is so yummy) and for the second fruit you might have a pot of yoghurt or some nuts with a peach or nectarine for afternoon tea. Strawberries are getting a bit tired now, but cherries are coming down in price and they are good with lunch instead of another carbohydrate choice for a change. It is great to eat seasonally, but just go easy with fruit. New season’s apples should be appearing in the next couple of weeks.

Recipe of the Month

Have a look at this very tasty lamb and feta pattie recipe: Lamb burgers with Mushroom 'buns'.

I’m keeping it short and sweet this month, it’s about action, not talk, so contact me and let’s get cracking again. Don’t worry, there is always an amnesty in January.

Oh and ignore the Easter Eggs that are already on sale. How ridiculous is that. I spotted them on 27 December in The Warehouse. Crazy.

Posted on January 11, 2016 .