It's Spring in 9 weeks

With a mere 9 (yes NINE) weeks until spring officially starts, NOW is the time to focus on your nutrition and exercise regime.  Keep in mind that summer bodies are made in winter so you don’t want to leave it until October to panic about getting back into shape for summer.


Lemons are back

One good thing about winter is that decent lemons are back in season. It is true that the juice of a lemon squeezed into warm (or hot) water, first thing in the morning is good for your digestion, good for your liver function and it’s a good way to get that first glass of water into you.


Success story of the month

I’d like to mention Bill and the fantastic progress he has made, not only in losing weight but in changing his lifestyle.

When Bill came to see me mid-way through March this year his goal was to lose 10 kilos before his holiday in mid-June.  He actually lost 14.3 kilos before his holiday and then came back after the holiday having lost another kilo! 

But, he has worked for this excellent result. He has adopted exercise and now exercises almost every day and from starting off with walking, he moved on to doing some running and last week he joined a gym to start resistance training. He also has put a real effort into making sure he has the right food around him most of the time and his NO habit is admirable.  Go Bill!

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Posted on July 1, 2015 .