Keep it simple food ideas

There is enough stress with shopping, guests coming and going and everything that must be done by Christmas, without adding in complicated recipes if you are short of time. Here are a couple of suggestions.


  • A fresh whole chicken, cut down the backbone and pressed flat (butterflied) cooks quickly on the BBQ and looks great.You can buy extra-large frozen chickens that feed at least 10.  Just defrost and away you go.
  • A butterflied leg of lamb feeds a few and is also delicious. Do not overcook.
  • A side of salmon also feeds a crowd. Just brush a little pesto on top.  Keep it simple.
  • Home-made burger patties cooked on the BBQ, topped with a slice of feta, some chutney and salad veggies and served in lettuce ‘wraps’.
  • Serve all of these with large green salads, new potatoes and asparagus for simple, delicious meals.
  • Remember that my website has plenty of simple recipes here
  • You can also download food diaries here (start the New Year off right!)
  • If you are looking for motivational tips and suggestions, check out this page


Posted on December 4, 2015 .