Attitude – have you got what it takes?

When it comes to losing weight and forming a healthy lifestyle, attitude is key to success. Over the past 12 years I have seen close to 3000 clients and I can tell you that the right attitude is crucial for ongoing success.

What do I mean by the right attitude?

Well for a start you have to be open to making some changes to your diet and lifestyle.  We all know that if you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same result, so be open to making changes and accept that it might be a bit challenging at first, but if you don’t make changes, you don’t get changes!

I’ve found that, in general, the clients who get the best results long term are the ones who can deal with the ups and downs along the way. There will be weeks when things don’t go to plan; with unexpected invitations out, birthdays and other celebrations that when despite your best intentions, good sense goes out the window!  As long as you get back on track the next day the damage will be minimal, but if your attitude is ‘I’ve blown it now so I might as well wait until next Monday to get back on track’, it is likely that ‘next Monday’ will not come and you give up.

Remember, one ‘bad’ meal won’t make you fat, just like one ‘good’ meal won’t make you skinny.

Adopt an attitude of “I can do that” and look for ways to make it happen, rather than excuses as to why you can’t do something.  Just because it is cooler it doesn’t mean you can’t do some exercise.  There are plenty of options available, from hiring a piece of exercise equipment, to buying a wind trainer for your bike, to group fitness classes, yoga classes, joining a gym, to just wrapping up warm and walking, running, or biking. Exercising with a friend isn’t even like exercise, so find someone who will work out with you and keep each other motivated.  If you really want to exercise, you will find a way to make it happen.

Motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going.  The longer you repeat a habit (good or bad), the more likely it is that you will keep that habit.  Don’t think it, just do it and keep a ‘can do’ attitude.

This time of year is definitely a tough time for weight loss, but how much better is it to keep moving forward now, than to face having to take off extra kilos in spring?  Having a goal of losing even one kilo a month means that by the time spring comes there will be three less kilos to lose and how good will that feel?  Don’t give up because winter is here, figure out how to best deal with the challenges winter throws at you and keep going!  Be aware too of whether it is habit or hunger that sends you looking for munchies. 

Water intake at this time of year tends to drop off a bit as it is easy to forget to drink when it is cold.  If you’d like a reminder, check out the many free water apps for your phone or iPad. Try herbal teas to keep you both warm and hydrated too.

Posted on June 4, 2014 .