“My mission is to guide and support my clients towards a healthier, happier lifestyle” – Lynda

“My mission is to guide and support my clients towards a healthier, happier lifestyle” – Lynda

About Lynda

Lynda has been working one on one with clients since early 2003 and in that time has helped over 3000 clients achieve goals they never thought possible, whether it be fat loss, mass gain, healthy weight maintenance, or help with health and lifestyle issues.

She knows that one size does not fit all and works with her clients to come up with a practical, healthy eating programme tailored to their lifestyle. No fad diets, no meal replacements, just good, healthy food to suit their budget and their lifestyle.

Lynda has much empathy with and understanding of clients challenges to adopt a healthy, balanced, lifestyle as she has ‘been there’ herself, once tipping the scales at 130 kilos. She knows that educating her clients is a big part of their being able to achieve long term success and she enjoys sharing her knowledge of nutrition, exercise, health and meal preparation so that clients are able to take control of their health and well-being.

Lynda is passionate about nutrition and health and is committed to working alongside her clients every step of the way.

Her goal is to help clients achieve long lasting fat loss and good health by teaching them what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how to shop for the right foods and to clarify what today can appear like a minefield when trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

She operates a private nutrition practice on Auckland's North Shore, where clients are made to feel welcome and where they are given advice and support in a down to earth, easy to understand manner.

Lynda has qualifications from Auckland University of Technology, Netfit (Auckland) and has studied clinical nutrition through a Sydney based academy. She constantly keeps herself updated with ongoing study and learning.

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