Nutritionist Lynda Smith, based on Auckland's North Shore, has been helping people just like you change their lives through educating them about nutrition and lifestyle modifications since 2003.

Nutrition for Life offers practical, down to earth nutrition advice and support ensuring you reach and maintain your fat loss and health goals.

As an experienced nutritionist, Lynda will create an individualised diet plan, specific to your needs, likes and dislikes and will support you in learning how to lose weight the right way. No fad diets, deprivation diets or meal replacements, just real food for real people.

Do you want to drop kilos & gain energy? Click for more

Do you want to drop kilos & gain energy? Click for more

Are you up for the challenge of dropping kilos and gaining confidence and energy? Try the 6 week slim down challenge. Find out more...

Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring, view Lynda's extensive list of recipes for some delicious healthy meals here...

Struggling to drop those pesky kilos? Follow Lynda's top 10 tips for fat loss here...

Menopause does not have to mean weight gain

"Being in my late 40's I believed menopause and my office bound job were the reasons I found it so hard to lose weight. It was starting to get me down a lot and I really thought it would be impossible to lose the extra weight that I had gained over the last few years.
With Lynda's help and professional guidance I have shed the weight with eight months to spare before my 50th!  I still can't believe it, not only have I lost the extra weight but I also have a lot more energy, I need less sleep now and a few of the old joint pains have disappeared as well. By choosing the right food types, with the right portion sizes and some regular exercise, I no longer believe that menopause and a sit down office job has to mean difficulty losing weight." Maree, Auckland. Read more case studies

Education, guidance and support...

  • Are you feeling overweight, frumpy and fed up?
  • Are you tired and lacking energy?
  • Are you confused about what you should be eating?
  • Do you want down to earth advice and support to learn to eat well so that you can feel well and perform well?

If you can relate to the above and you are ready to seek help now, contact Lynda from Nutrition for Life to discuss how she can help you transform your diet and your life.

Lynda will ensure you finally achieve the weight loss and health results you want. Read her customer testimonials here and see how she has helped other people just like you.

Weight Loss Success Stories

The clients below are ordinary people, just like you, who wanted to change their lives by learning how to eat for their bodies and their lifestyles.  No photo shopping or stock images, these people are the real deal! 

    Yvonne has lost 21kgs in 6 months.

    Dan has lost 10kgs.


  • Tried all kinds of diets before, some weird, some whacky, some just too hard to stick to.
  • Felt despondent because the diet has failed you.
  • Stuck to a nutrition plan for a short time, lost weight and then regained it.
  • Lost belief that you actually can lose weight and keep it off.
  • Accepted gradual weight gain as a normal part of ageing.
  • Got clothing in various sizes in your wardrobe to allow for the weight loss/gain yo-yo cycle.


  • Design a customised food plan to meet your goals.
  • Take into account your likes, dislikes and budget.
  • Not recommend any fad diets or foods because they just don’t work long term.
  • Teach you how to throw together quick healthy meals when you are in a hurry.
  • Help clear up the confusion around healthy eating.
  • Never be judgemental, just supportive and teach you how to overcome obstacles.


  • To learn how to eat so that you break the diet and weight regain cycle.
  • To learn what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat and have explanations why.
  • To have more energy.
  • To feel more positive and happier about your life.
  • To stop feeling frumpy and fed up.
  • To listen to down to earth advice from someone who has helped over 2000 clients change their lives for the better.
  • To take care of your weight and your health and feel fantastic.

'With the right information and support you can reach your desired nutritional goal’ – Lynda